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Ciaran’s Toolbench Blog, Part 2!

Hi, Ciarán here again, continuing my introduction to GameBase’s level editing software, Toolbench...   The newest feature of Toolbench is the water editor. It’s a brilliant feature that really adds an extra level of detail to the game and is easy as pie to use. Simply drag a water entity into your level, size and position it correctly. Assign a water flow .tga file to it and then edit t...
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Golden Rules of Mobile Game Development

So I'm very excited about Runic Rumble, I decided to write a blog post. Epiphany Games has done a bunch of mobile work for clients in Australia and Abroad but this is the first time we are creating a mobile game specifically for our own players. What’s more Runic Rumble players will receive some nice benefits and treats in Frozen Hearth, I won’t go into specifics but we have to create some serious...
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Ciarán Daly’s Level Designing With Toolbench!

Welcome to my first developer blog for Epiphany Games! Hi, my name is Ciarán Daly, and I'm lead level designer here at Epiphany Games. I’ve brought my experience with The Creative Assembly back in the UK over here to Australia to work with Epiphany. The guys here have asked me to write this to firstly introduce myself, and to discuss some of the amazing tech which we will be using on our upcoming ...
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SOPA is dead. Long Live SOPA.

So, you’re all aware of the recent shelving (a term appropriate in all its possible sub-cultural connotations) of the proposed SOPA legislation in the US, so I’ll avoid getting too far into detail about it.   As a game designer, I have a dog in this fight, and what I’m interested in is the apparent naïveté involved on all sides of the discussion. First, and foremost, the utter lack of u...
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Lessons in game design and game writing

Being somewhat of a newcomer to this racket, it has been a steep learning curve. I didn’t attend any game design schools, I didn’t even do a single game-related unit when I was at uni. My honours thesis, which was on (roughly) online games and literary theory, was met with dumbfounded looks by the teaching faculty at my school – I really had no guidance, no-one knew what to do with me or my thesis...
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Baby Steps

Considering its been about 5 years since this company first made its gasping crawl from the protoplasmic miasma of simply being ‘some dudes sitting around a loungeroom table slinging around some ideas’, and into being an actual (if small) moneymaking venture; we here at Epiphany finally made the staggering intellectual leap that, you know what: maybe it’d be a good idea to have a website with some...
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