Expo Competition

Your Suggestion!

Tell us what our next game should be about, and we will put up the best suggestions. The best 3 suggestions receive a poster signed by our development Team for Frozen Hearth and Runic Rumble  and two copies of Frozen Hearth for you and your friend to play our Co-Op Campaign. 10 copies of Runic Rumble for iOS  to the top 10 people.


Out of all the entry that were received these are the top 10 each of these people gets a copy of Runic Rumble for either iOS or Android, and if you already have one give the code to someone else.  Out of these three winners will be chosen and receive a signed poster and two copies of Frozen Hearth when it comes out.


Top Ten!

An open world pirate game that is in the same vain as Red Dead Redemption and other Rockstar games.


Anthropomorphic fantasy mecha RPG, with storyline based upon Daniel chapters 2,7 & 8, & Revelation Chapter 13.


Make a game where you have to control a small mobilised force to beat a larger in size force across a planet in guerilla styled warfare.


A superhero who fails to save the world, and must regain his dignity and his powers to revert his mistakes.


Alien Zombies! - After discovering historical Hollywood archives of Earth, aliens realise humans might be their only salvation against this plague.


Half Life 3 A fantasy RTS/RPG game set in an alternate WW1 universe setting. (like "mutant Chronicles", but good....& a game)


Airship pirates from the year 3100 sent back in time to the 1930's


Play as a spellcaster in an INFINITY BLADE type game, travelling scene through scene and do one vs one battles, but also one vs army battles, Combining runic rumble and Frozen hearth mechanics / assets for IOS game. Stick to what you do best, and make it better 😉


A small arena based Online Multiplayer game, where you choose a champion and battle it out!


A magical fighting game, comparable to Soul Calibur. Option to fully customize characters (also unlockable non-standard abilities and outfit).