Epiphany Games has been in business for around six years. In this time, we have grown into a company that has successfully developed successful middleware technologies that have been licensed around the world to dozens of other studios. We also create games from scratch or use existing engines.


Epiphany’s developers are highly experienced with iOS and other mobile platform development, with key staff developing for Apple mobile devices in particular since as early as the release of the iPod Touch. Additionally, Epiphany is a highly accomplished technology development studio in a more general sense, having found great success developing engine tech and toolsets that work across all platforms: PC, Xbox, PS3 and Wii.


In the mobile space, Epiphany has developed eight (8) iOS and six (6) Android applications and games, having done work for both Government and Private enterprise, with major entertainment companies like Disney numbering among its clients .


With our highly experienced developers, and our proven track record of producing deliverables to the highest standard always on time, and on budget, Epiphany Games is an ideal choice for this project.


For this particual project, we have the right staff and can leverage of our experience and existing code base to achieve a great result quickly.


Please contact us to work on your next project.


Examples of Work:


Sherlock the Network for TPF


Create all the mini games, handle the Android build for the entire game, handle the China Android Build and localisation for TPF working directly with Ten Cent.





Home and Away Summer Moments for TPF

Create all the mini games including a match mini game, create the Android build of the entire game.





Custom High Performance Open GL ES screen saver for Disney Docomo phones

Entire Build. Difficult task we were simply given the specifications of a phone which didn't exist and had to develop a screen saver based on that and a Mix and Match game.




Under Belly Skirmish TPF

Entire build and art working including music.



Big Baby by Big Ice cream and their unannounced title.




Dirt Girl World the Game Unreleased








Nandos Peri Perks; Whole Australian App localisation build and new features for Archibald Williams.



Freebies by Federation

Entire build, however we used the clients server.






Tools and Middleware

Gamebryo Engine; Shadowing, Lighting, Rendering, Terrain Systems, Environment Engines. Our technology is in a large number of games which used this engine.







Example Game that uses versions of the engine we developed in conjunction with GameBryo.