New Game Ámorrá: Tactical RPG

Epiphany Games is pleased to discuss our new project. For over a year we have been working on a Turnbased RPG engine Built on top of Unity, we call this engine the Chaos engine. We hope to use this engine for other games, but the first game we are discussing is our Turn Based Fantasy RPG.



Our RPG we feel has a great blend of features. That’s not the best bit either, currently our game is multi player with steam integration however we believe we can take this to Xbox and PS4. Finally our engine has a level editor, this level editor and content SDK will enable players to make content for the game. Its taken us many years to get ourselves into this position, but now we are finally here.

Finally we are also working on a Sci-Fi game and setting Blood of Sol, still a work in progress, more about that later.

Ámorrá: Tactical RPG

Core Features

  • Turn Based Tactical RPG with up to four characters.
  • Non Class based progression.
    • Several Spheres which your characters can learn, from healing to fighting to crafting.
  • Three linked quest lines.
  • Crafting items
  • Character Stronghold, with a slot based stronghold system
  • Hours of game play through Procedural content.
  • Diverse fantasy races, over four races.
  • Content Creation Kit including
    • Level Editor
    • Dialog Editor
    • Quest Editor

Embark on your journey into the Ámorrá. Diverse fantasy character races, huge choice in your play styles.