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    The release announcement for Tiny Troopers Global Operations

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    We are very proud and excited that our publisher Wired…


    We recently partnered with Epiphany Games on current and previous generation Xbox and PlayStation adaptions of our upcoming release of DREDGE, developed by Black Salt Games. They are an absolute delight to work alongside. Their professionalism, knowledge, experience and flexibility led to a smooth experience, bringing in the project on time and to a high quality. They worked closely with Black Salt Games and as a result the game is launching with feature parity across all platforms. Team17 look forward to working with Epiphany Games again in the future and are happy to recommend their services. Thanks!

    Team 17 & Black Salt Games:

    Working with Epiphany Games has been a dream. All staff are highly professional, friendly and dedicated to the project. Of all the studios we’ve worked with, Epiphany have been the easiest and most fun. Led by Morgan Lean, the whole team works well together and continuously delivers high-quality output on or ahead of time, whilst also offering their veteran wisdom on all matters. It’s been a delight working with Epiphany and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

    Cascade Studios

    Cascade Studios has engaged Epiphany to develop a amazing multi player co-operative RPG. This title is being built in Unreal Engine 5, and targets PS5, XBOX series and PC. This game has features like no other and Epiphany is thrilled to work on such an ambitious title. To contact Cascade studios contact