Aki and Plizkin: Codex of Ancients

Continuing our expansive Ámorrá world-setting, ‘Aki and Plizkin: Codex of Ancients’ is an Action/RPG game which will introduce players of our RTS Frozen Hearth to some of the lands and locations of our MMO: Ámorrá: Teigh Suil. This game will find players sharing in the madcap adventure of two unlikely allies – Plizkin: an outcast warrior of the devious and bloodthirsty Faë people – a race of strange fairy-tale creatures; and Aki: a lowly Grobnir, servant-people of the Faë.


As they adventure their way around the mystical islands of Teigh Suil, in search of the mythical lost powers of Aki’s ancestors, players will engage with a rich and engaging storyline, with many side-quests, locations and secrets to discover for replay after replay. Intended as a two-player co-operative journey, the action is fast and frenetic in a detailed and immersive world.


Beyond this, players will enjoy:

  • A dynamic and complex characrer progression system
  • Co-Operative 2-player campaign mode
  • Downloadable content
  • Acheivements!
  • ‘Respec’ options – No-one will be locked into an unfortunate mistake in their character development!
  • Our own advanced, emotion-based AI, allowing for dynamic interaction between players and NPCs
  • ‘Aki and Plizkin’ will give players a sneak-peek into the lands, people and places in our upcoming MMO title, ‘Ámorrá: Teigh Suil’