Frozen Hearth

Frozen Hearth
Frozen Hearth – PC RTS

Out 23rd at many digital locations!

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Our Real-Time Strategy game, ‘Frozen Hearth’ is the first title in Epiphany Games’ Ámorrá world-setting, and the first chapter of an ongoing saga that players will help to unfold over a number of games. Frozen Hearth introduces us to the Danaan – a Celtic-inspired race of people who are having their homelands invaded and ravaged by a bloodthirsty breed of supernatural creatures, whose bodies are made of ice.

To make matters worse, as the icebound monsters advance they bring with them an unstoppable tide of ice and snow that will cover and destroy all before it.


Faced with such insuperable might, the Danaan will have to do the one thing they have never been able to: co-operate!


Join – either alone, or in our groundbreaking co-operative campaign – the Danaan in their struggle for survival, as they rush to rescue what they can of their people and their culture before it is buried beneath a frozen waste!


Some of the many features include:

  • Environmental effects which impact gameplay
  • Original World-Setting
  • Two Races: The brave Danaan and the insidious Shangur
  • Three unique Danaan ‘Tribes’
  • Powerful ‘Avatar’ and ‘Demiurge’ Hero units
  • Motley Crew
  • Co-Operative campaign setting
  • Skill-based unit progression
  • Dozens of spells, abilities and items
  • Fast-paced RTS action mixed with RPG immersion


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