Runic Rumble is a Spell Fighter for Android with HD graphics by Epiphany Games

Explore the world of Amorra as Aki a Shaman, on a mission to unlock magical spells in this gesture based spell fighter. Choose your spells and strategy and battle through over 20 levels of story. With stunning visuals and fast game play you will enjoy Runic Rumble on your tablet or phone. Stay tuned for updates as we introduce new levels and challenges.

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Runic Rumble is set in the rich, unique world-setting of Amorra, and introduces our protagonist, Aki: a mischievous little creature with a sharp mind, and sharper tongue, who has escaped the bonds of servitude to discover the origins of his people. Although short in stature, he is fearless and, as a sort of novice Shaman, able to wield magic – albeit with a novice’s skill. One night, while creeping around an eerie, deserted campsite, looking for food, and maybe the odd trinket to pocket, Aki is accosted by a powerful and mysterious Entity. Enraged by Aki’s trespass, it transports Aki to another dimension where he is forced to fight for the Entities’ entertainment, battling with his spells and wits in order to escape with his life, and learn some powerful new magics, to boot.


Aki’s spells Spell effects range from Damage, to Healing, Defensive Shields, Damage Over Time and Boost spells which combine with other spells (both the players and the enemies’ spells) to produce a greater effect. Each spell derives from each of the 4 elements featured; Earth, Water, Fire and Dream. These elements produce different outcomes when their projectiles meet in battle. Spells from the Earth element are strong against Dream but weak against Water and Fire. Dream spells are the exact opposite to Earth spells in their relation. Water and Fire, as always, are in opposition.


How players cast abilities is simple and highly intuitive, engaging with people’s natural tendency to ‘swipe’ touchscreen devices. They select a spell from a panel of icons situated in the lower left corner, causing a pattern to appear mid-screen. Players then swipe over the line of the pattern which, depending on the accuracy, will result in a successful ‘spell-cast’. If they were inaccurate with their swipe, Aki will miscast and the spell will ‘fizzle’.


Aki - Mischievous Magician

In Game Model of Aki

Each successful cast will draw its energy from Magic Orbs floating above Aki’s head. These Orbs appear according to spells Aki has during battle; each unique spell produces an Orb of the spell’s element. If Aki has four Earth Magic Orbs at his disposal, for example, he may cast four Earth spells in quick succession. Once used, the Orb will slowly regain its power but will be unavailable for Aki to draw power from and causing the spell to ‘fizzle’ if no Orbs are ready.


Spell selection, for most levels, is completely up to the player. While there are 24 spells in total, Only 4 spells may be selected per battle, meaning players will need to adapt their spell strategy as the game progresses, and the enemies change. The player will begin with a small number of spells initially, but will gain more as the game progress, through undertaking challenges and defeating certain enemies.


There are 2 primary enemy types Aki faces: Casters and Fiends. Casters, like Aki, are in command of their own magics and will battle Aki with their own spell strategies. This provides the bulk of game play in Runic Rumble.


The second enemy type, Fiends, act differently to casters by moving towards Aki in waves. Players must choose the correct spell element to dispose of each Fiend, an incorrect element leads to the Fiend ignoring damage. If a Fiend reaches Aki, the battle will be lost.


Game play for Runic Rumble is estimated between 2-3 hours for an average player. This encompasses over 20 featured levels and ‘challenge’ mode. Runic Rumble also includes a ‘training mode’ which players can experiment with the spells they have unlocked.