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Tiny Troopers Global Ops

We are very proud and excited that our publisher Wired Productions has announced the title we have been working on. Tiny Troopers is a game series we have worked on before, building the Xbox versions and Switch creating content and updating the game over the years.

Here it is on Steam, and this is indeed a multi platform game when we test it we are testing on the consoles. The co op features we feel will add a new awesome type of play to this game.

Teaser Trailer

Steam Store

Developer Blog Press Releases

Majestic Nights Switch and update

Majestic Nights is about to be submitted to Switch. As a game we feel strongly about this title we hope our Switch port will bring new players to this title and they can find as much enjoyment as other players on the PC platform.

We will use to proceeds from the Switch release to really plan what we are doing with Majestic. Majestic Nights, if you haven’t played it is what we call a strange and wonderful gem. This game had a very bumpy launch, but has a core to it which is like no other game. We want to make the remaining chapters, and are thinking carefully about which engine we use, either its existing engine or the Chaos Engine.

Last year was very difficult for us, for a variety of reasons. As the CEO, I was also building a whole new piece of technology and we were doing a large amount of development on our Reclaimer title (more about that later).

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Chaos Forge

Chaos Engine is our proprietary code framework for turn based games, but has many components useful in other genre titles. The Chaos Engine was built to satisfy 3 criteria: Fast Prototyping, Efficient Production, and Easy Maintenance. Focusing on these core principles has allowed us to create a codebase that is modular and easy to modify, allowing for reuse of existing code in new projects quickly and easily.

Because the Chaos Engine relies heavily on complex data to drive gameplay, the Chaos Forge tool was created. This tool provides several important functions, including Asset creation, Gameplay programming, Build packaging, and more. Chaos Forge is where most of a Chaos Engine title is made, here, designers can create items, build maps, tweak character stats, edit abilities, and work on any other game data. Levels produced within Chaos Forge can utilize nested Prefabs, enabling level designers to create and use a library of reusable level parts created from sets of assets. This tool significantly reduces game development time, making it possible to produce several hours of game play in only weeks, rather than months.

Assets and Data produced for Chaos Engine is packaged into files called ‘Bundles’. Using this system, it’s possible to replace or extend assets and data, allowing for almost complete modification of a games assets. Our objective with this system is to provide for and nurture a healthy modding community around our Chaos Engine titles. In the hands of our users, we hope to see a wide range of community made content produced, including mods, fan made characters, new campaigns, and many more.

The Chaos Engine will see its first release soon, as one of several Chaos Engine powered titles that have been in development. We are also investigating the possibility of applying this technology to our existing title, Majestic Nights.

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Porting Anodyne

In 2016 Epiphany Games began several porting projects. After a successful port and upgrade of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops for PlayStation 4 (Unity), We began a project to port the PC Indie hit game: Anodyne, published by our good friends at Nnooo.

Anodyne was a complex project to port, as it was built using Adobe Flash, an engine not supported natively on Xbox One and PS4. To achieve this port, we used the Autodesk flash renderer Scaleform. The results of this work culminated in a set of PS4 and Xbox One code that can be used in porting of other flash based products.

The project will be released in 2017.

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Epiphany Games and Wicked Film Festival – New Sydney Festival November


The Wicked Film Festival (WFF) in partnership with Epiphany Games (Morgan Lean, CEO) is holding an indie gaming conference in Sydney, on November 2016 for independent video games developers.

We are inviting game developers and makers to submit a video game that you have made, or to take part in our Indie Game Quest, a 30 day competition.

The WFF and Epiphany Games aims to encourage independent game development, and showcase indie game makers and designers exciting and innovative work to industry and the public.

The festival will be running events that will include discussion panels, forums and of course present selected games throughout the day.

The two categories open to indie game makers are:

Video Game Submissions – aimed at game makers who have existing games developed to submit for the opportunity to be exhibited to industry and the public. To submit your game visit

Indie Game quest – open to all game developers around the world to create a game from scratch in 30 days. To enter the competition

Wicked Film Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to exploring and showcasing fantastic genre films and filmmaking, video gaming, virtual reality and new media technologies.
The Wicked Film Festival (Wicked) curates an annual eclectic program showcasing new talent and established creatives, and other industry professionals from around the globe that draw a diverse range of audiences.
The Wicked festival is run by a not-for-profit organisation, Screen My Shorts Inc (INC9893550), trading as Wicked Film Festival (ABN 40 930 405 614). This organisation has a successful history of curating and running unique film festivals since 2008.

For further information visit

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For further information contact:
Tom Papas – Festival Director
Email: mobile: +61(0) 407 295 520

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Tiny Troopers Hits Xbox One 26th February; Epiphany will eat your Brains!

We are very excited to report that we passed the Xbox One Submission. Tiny Troopers will be hitting Xbox One. Our Zombie levels will destroy your mortal brains and eat them with HP sauce.

Epiphany ported this game for Wired Productions to Xbox One. To support more awesome Zombie power we created special Xbox One Levels. It was great making new levels and content and performing the Port; Xbox One is a platform we hope to support. We hope you enjoy it. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!

More Information and Links
Wired Productions, awesome partner that we enjoy working with:

Published by Wired Productions, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops will be available on Xbox One across North America, Europe, and the UK for $9.99, €9.99, and £7.99 respectively. This title has been rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB and PEGI 12.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops dated for Xbox One

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PS4 Build of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is out!

tiny-troopers-LOGO-ZE-600Tiny Troopers is now released on PS4, read about it in our portfolio section.
New announcements to come on this title.

We also will be having some more news about console very soon.

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Congratulations to the Planet Ark Team

This is the Recycling game we did for Planet Ark. This is a great example of a smaller game done in Unity and made completely cross platform. The leaderboard is running on our Birdcage services. The application is hosted on Amazon.

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Clinical a Short Story set in Blood of Sol

The inhaler wheezed like a dying horse as Ginzsby entered the crowded emergency ward. Freaks, creeps mutants and scum were lined up; waiting to be triaged or bleeding out. The riot had ended with the BG Company agreeing to treat all members of the block ward for free. Berkley Genomics was the biggest heath and genetics corporation in the solar system. They appeared as white knights but underneath, they were sharks taking what they could.


Jeffersons plague was nothing more than a predicted reaction from humans from earth, to the permanent settlement on New Mars. A debilitating disease that wasted the infected and eventually killed them.


The BG Company announced a cure about five days ago, already out of supplies, time and patience the blockers (dwellers of the blocks) had decided to take the cure, that’s where we came in; the Red Dragons. We held positions between the riot and the clinics on levels 310 to 298, a big territory held by a score more gangs. Armed with mono swords, heavy SMGs and occasional RPG we were more than a match for most gangs. Secure in our positions we went around the “job” of extorting, terrorising and running the show until they came and turned most of us into charcoal. Hailing from old Earth, hired goons with hired haircuts; speaking a variety of arcane and forgotten languages like Swedish, German and French none of them speaking Martian street chat.


Armed with lethal weapons like plasma flame throwers, micro missiles, robot wolves and drones. They cut a swath through us all the way to that clinic warehouse. Then those creeps began launching missiles and grenades as if they were children with fireworks for the first 4th of July. The promptly destroyed the supply of Jefferson’s cure, burning the warehouses to the ground.


Like ghosts those black clad mercenaries methodically moved through our turf. Fighting was fierce, we won some they won more; and in the end they got what they came for. That’s why I’m here in the hospital, with my finger in this guy’s belly wound. “Now Hanz, tell me what the fuck you were doing”


By Morgan, more to come

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2015 Games

In 2015 we have been very productive, we have established new relationships with with new partners and clients. We are working on Greed PS4 and XBOXONE as a development partner with Headup Games and the next installment of Tiny Troopers for Wired Productions on XBOXONE and PS4. We have also been working on changes to Majestic Nights but also several projects for other people. As some of these projects were for the ABC, we have placed them on this site to play. This was a set of children’s games, we still have versions up on our servers for you to check out and play.


Bubble Bath Bay Games

We also had the pleasure of  helping Rookie Minds get started as a development partner on Rookie. We did most of the programming and systems.