Baby Steps

Considering its been about 5 years since this company first made its gasping crawl from the protoplasmic miasma of simply being ‘some dudes sitting around a loungeroom table slinging around some ideas’, and into being an actual (if small) moneymaking venture; we here at Epiphany finally made the staggering intellectual leap that, you know what: maybe it’d be a good idea to have a website with some actual stuff on it, and maybe get some of us to record a few of our experiences for the 2 or 3 people out there who may be interested in the trials and tribulations of a growing game development company.


Being the resident writer in this company, it was left to me to start this off, and I’ll likely be doing most of the blogs, but for anyone interested in the tech-ish side of things our programmers will also be dropping the odd word in here and there. Course, like most programmers, those words probably wont make any sort of normal syntactical sense, but they’ll be giving it a shot anyway, bless them.


Epiphany, as I said above, started roughly 5 years ago, with some friends sitting around a loungeroom table, talking about things they’d like to see in games. Slowly this became more and more serious and turned from some friends sitting around a loungeroom table discussing game ideas, into discussing HOW to implement these ideas. Cut to here, a few years later, and we’re developing our demo for our first title and assembling the tech we’ve been building over the past 2-3 years into something we can play. Woo!


Our original concept was an MMO. Specifically it was an MMO based in Greek mythology – that base has since changed, due to a lot of factors, but our desire to create an MMO has not changed. Looking back, it was probably a bit insane to go straight to developing an MMO as a first-up title, akin to skipping learner driver school to jump right into an 18-wheeler; which isn’t to say we have scrapped the idea – far from it. Indeed we have expanded on our MMO idea, evolved it and created at this stage no less than three separate game projects, all set within the same world as the MMO, all designed to immerse players not just in our games, but in our World.


Frozen Hearth is the first of our titles – it is an RTS, and introduces players to the PC-race of our MMO. You can check out more about it here.

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