Epiphany Games and Wicked Film Festival – New Sydney Festival November


The Wicked Film Festival (WFF) in partnership with Epiphany Games (Morgan Lean, CEO) is holding an indie gaming conference in Sydney, on November 2016 for independent video games developers.

We are inviting game developers and makers to submit a video game that you have made, or to take part in our Indie Game Quest, a 30 day competition.

The WFF and Epiphany Games aims to encourage independent game development, and showcase indie game makers and designers exciting and innovative work to industry and the public.

The festival will be running events that will include discussion panels, forums and of course present selected games throughout the day.

The two categories open to indie game makers are:

Video Game Submissions – aimed at game makers who have existing games developed to submit for the opportunity to be exhibited to industry and the public. To submit your game visit http://bit.ly/28V0XC7

Indie Game quest – open to all game developers around the world to create a game from scratch in 30 days. To enter the competition http://bit.ly/1WL10r4

Wicked Film Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to exploring and showcasing fantastic genre films and filmmaking, video gaming, virtual reality and new media technologies.
The Wicked Film Festival (Wicked) curates an annual eclectic program showcasing new talent and established creatives, and other industry professionals from around the globe that draw a diverse range of audiences.
The Wicked festival is run by a not-for-profit organisation, Screen My Shorts Inc (INC9893550), trading as Wicked Film Festival (ABN 40 930 405 614). This organisation has a successful history of curating and running unique film festivals since 2008.

For further information visit www.wickedfilmfestival.com

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