Epiphany Games constructs ‘Hydra’ Data Manager

This fantastic piece of software takes the complexity out of building complex game play in LUA and abstracts it into a new .NET interface, reducing the time it takes for game-play creation and game-play tweaking by up to 80%.


Data Manager was designed to allow game designers the flexibility to change and create complex logic without needing to learn all the complexities of the programming languages they are constructed in.


Epiphany intends to use this framework for all our games and may even provide it as part of a suite of modification tools for ‘Frozen Hearth’, allowing modification enthusiasts to change vast sections of game-play logic.


Our Hydra data manager currently outputs in LUA script, but will be extending to Unreal script in the near future. This will enable users to begin game development from a common set of objects, all of this enhanced with our inbuilt code correction, automated bug-tracing abilities and inheritance tracking. Hydra data manager combines all these elements into a multi-headed beast of game designing power.


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