New Year, New website

2012 is looking like a fantastic year for games. We have our game Frozen Hearth, a new game called Wizard Battle for iOS which will introduce our characters from Ámorrá this is being developed with our friends from 8th Legion. We also have a new partnership, which we will announce shortly.


Finally we have partnered with our friends from Game Base. This year we will be attending GDC as always, we look forward to introducing Ámorrá further and meeting up with old friends.


Our Games

Frozen Hearth

Our first game for our setting, pits the fierce Danaan against the bloodthirsty Shangur in an epic RTS.


Wizard Battle

Our new iOS game set in the Ámorrá universe. Play Aki as he battles the forces of the Faë and monsters of the world in this action iOS game. Available march.


Aki and Plizkin: Codex of Ancients

Our second title takes us to the console with an action RPG. Play these two characters in an adventure of discovery.


Ámorrá: Teigh Suil

Our most ambitious project, Ámorrá: Teigh Suil is an MMORPG, set in the eldritch archipelago known to its fairy-tale inhabitants as ‘Teigh Suil’, meaning ‘Land of Hope’.Players assume the role of the Danaan from our first title – Frozen Hearth – as they scrap and scramble for survival in this strange new land – their new home, after having been forced to escape their own.



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