Beyond the Black Sea

The latest game from Epiphany Games, brings us back to our roots developing online games. With the recent release of Tiny Troopers: Global Operations an online and offline co-op console title. We embark on our next journey while supporting TTGO. Its very early days for Beyond the Black Sea and we are still working on the design and game play but take a look at the screen shots. An Unreal 5 online Survival with strong RPG focus.

Unlimited Character progression – Truly endless progression for characters with skills, perks and even unique abilities. With 44,000 possible abilities the game expands as more players join.

Instance and Persistent dungeons where players can gain unique crafting recipes resources and character abilities.
Crafting Focused – the core pillars of the game are exploration, crafting and combat. Crafting is very expansive with unique recipes possibly owned by players. 

Player operated servers – link with the broader network of players, with an advanced portal based system linking servers together allowing players to move between each others persistent servers. 

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