Chaos Forge

Chaos Engine is our proprietary code framework for turn based games, but has many components useful in other genre titles. The Chaos Engine was built to satisfy 3 criteria: Fast Prototyping, Efficient Production, and Easy Maintenance. Focusing on these core principles has allowed us to create a codebase that is modular and easy to modify, allowing for reuse of existing code in new projects quickly and easily.

Because the Chaos Engine relies heavily on complex data to drive gameplay, the Chaos Forge tool was created. This tool provides several important functions, including Asset creation, Gameplay programming, Build packaging, and more. Chaos Forge is where most of a Chaos Engine title is made, here, designers can create items, build maps, tweak character stats, edit abilities, and work on any other game data. Levels produced within Chaos Forge can utilize nested Prefabs, enabling level designers to create and use a library of reusable level parts created from sets of assets. This tool significantly reduces game development time, making it possible to produce several hours of game play in only weeks, rather than months.

Assets and Data produced for Chaos Engine is packaged into files called ‘Bundles’. Using this system, it’s possible to replace or extend assets and data, allowing for almost complete modification of a games assets. Our objective with this system is to provide for and nurture a healthy modding community around our Chaos Engine titles. In the hands of our users, we hope to see a wide range of community made content produced, including mods, fan made characters, new campaigns, and many more.

The Chaos Engine will see its first release soon, as one of several Chaos Engine powered titles that have been in development. We are also investigating the possibility of applying this technology to our existing title, Majestic Nights.