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2015 Games

New Clients and Partners

We are pleased to talk about our new partners. We have been working with Wired Productions on a console project, which is nearing completion. We also have been working with Headup Games on an exciting IP. More details will follow.


Mobile and Web Projects
Projects for other people, stay tuned for more but here is an update on Bubble Bath Bay. Bubble Bath Bay runs on the web, and can be played on Tablets, PC, and Phones.


We have also made many changes to Majestic Nights and Chapter 2 is on the way to Steam. We are also releasing on Tablets this year.


New IP


There are several projects we are working on, we cannot disclose at this time but soon will be able to talk about them.


This is a new IP developed by founders of Epiphany Games. Blood of Sol is a rich and detailed Sci-fi setting. We have one title in development in the setting now, and screen shots will be released around November or Sooner. We have also commissioned Concept art to be created. Blood of Sol encapsulates what we want to do in our games and settings, it actually was developed before Majestic Nights and the two settings are linked by virtue of a common RPG system and possible a common world and history. Its been a great pleasure to see this setting come to life in the project, and see it happen quite quickly. More


Champions of Ascension

Champions of Ascension is a console driven multiplayer action RPG game with a heavy focus on streamlined, cooperative game play on the PlayStation4 and XboxOne computer entertainment systems. The player will control a single hero in a valiant fight against the Tartarans in the ultimate quest for freedom. Either cooperatively or alone, the player will face small quest but yet challenging missions set in a dark fantasy world as part of a quest to banish the Ascended ones from the lands and to restore freedom to humanity.


2014 Games

Majestic Nights

Read about it on the official site www.majesticnights.com
Today we got our second title on Steam!!!!!!! like it love it and look to the skies. Epiphany Games announced our awesome 80's game.


2012 and earlier

Ámorrá Universe

Unruly, Unfettered, Unpredictable: Ámorrá.

Our world is a world in which anything can happen, a world in which you can be who you want to be. Our world is your world – to do with as you want: to conquer, to explore, to build, befriend or battle as you see fit. In Ámorrá, some things are exactly as they seem… others are anything but. Working out which is the hard part. In Ámorrá, the only limits are your own.

Frozen Hearth begins your journey into our world. Play as the heroic Danaan as they try to escape extinction.


Mobile and Tablet Games

Runic Rumble
Runic Rumble unique Spell fighter for iOS and AndroidRunic Rumble is a Spell Fighter for Android with HD graphics by Epiphany Games. Explore the world of Amorra as Aki, a Shaman on a mission to unlock magical spells in this gesture based, spell casting game. Choose your spells wisely and battle through over 20 levels of story. With stunning visuals and fast game play you will enjoy Runic Rumble on your tablet or phone. Stay tuned for updates as we introduce new levels and challenges.

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