• Blood of Sol
    We have been working on a new universe, we hope you like it.
  • Fantasy is never Far Away
    Blog post about our new fantasy game.

Welcome to Epiphany Games

2017 GDC

Epiphany Games is heading over the GDC this year. If you would like to meet with Epiphany Games that can be arranged. We have some exciting post GDC announcements. We hope 2017 is the year were we really hit the ground running, our team has done a huge amount of work on our new properties.

New Technology

Chaos Forge


New IP

There are several projects we are working on, we cannot disclose at this time but soon will be able to talk about them. Blood of Sol is being taken to GDC to see what some of our publishing partners think about it.


This is a new IP developed by founders of Epiphany Games. Blood of Sol is a rich and detailed Sci-fi setting. We have one title in development in the setting now, and screen shots will be released around November or Sooner. We have also commissioned Concept art to be created. Blood of Sol encapsulates what we want to do in our games and settings, it actually was developed before Majestic Nights and the two settings are linked by virtue of a common RPG system and possible a common world and history. Its been a great pleasure to see this setting come to life in the project, and see it happen quite quickly. More

Majestic Nights

Read about it on the official site www.majesticnights.com